Water remains an issue in Montrose

An update on the Montrose water situation and a plea to use water conservatively until the problem is resolved.

Spring is here, and guess what WATER is still the main issue in Montrose. I wish I could tell you that I knew for sure when we will be back on our system unfortunately I can’t. Our CAO and all of the Montrose staff are all working very hard putting in a lot of hours to get us back on our system by early June.

We are under a Stage III Water Advisory; no outside water use is permitted. Limit household use to necessities only. Beaver Falls is under the same Advisory, we need to be gracious neighbors and honor the restrictions.

I understand a lot of you have invested a lot of money in plants, shrubs and gardens; here are a few suggestions; save and reuse bath water, dish water, or cooking liquid, as always we should all use a rain barrel.

If you have a friend or relative in an unaffected community that could fill some jugs so you can water your plants only, great! Right now the village has a few run off streams you are welcome to capture this water also, please respect private property.

We are a community; when things are good we all benefit, when things are not perfect we work together to get through and make it right.

I can assure you Council and staff want to get this fixed as soon as possible ensuring all necessary steps to make sure this can not happen again.

Your patience and cooperation are appreciated.

In other news Montrose Family Fun Day is scheduled for June 9, 2012. The recreation commission has been working hard for many months planning activities for all. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend.

Bears are once again active and searching for food sources in the village, do not give them a reason to be in your neighborhood.

Make sure your garbage is secured do not leave odorous foods out to rot, freeze them until garbage day.

Please do not put your garbage and recycling out for collection until the morning of pick up.

Compost wisely making sure you are following best practices. Remove bird feeders they are an easy food source for the bears and they will keep coming back once they find food.

Bears have an incredible sense of smell and amazing memories please do not give them a reason to roam in the village.

Cindy Cook is a councilor for the Village of Montrose. Community Comment is written by elected officials from municipal councils in Greater Trail.


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