Water and air are pretty important

New rules on woodstoves is a very big step in the right direction

Several years ago I went after our local MLA Ron Cantelon on the provincial policy of burning logging slash in the fall in the area around Oceanside.

The particulate level is very hazardous the health of seniors.  Unfortunately, the constituent office could not get past the carbon offset and that the smoke made no difference to emitting carbon into the atmosphere. My point was particulates, but it went nowhere.

All slash and burn piles should be chipped as fertilizer for the forest floor or composted for development. Go to the Okanagan Valley in the cold of winter and see how wood burning affects air quality.

Thumbs up to a great initiative that will be remembered always in the future as one of the best positive moves in the last decade.

Remember water and air keep us alive.

Bob Tritschler





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