Voting no

Local resident opposed to the twinning of Kal Tire Place

This time, I’m sorry to say I’ll be voting no on the Nov. 28 referendum.

I understand sports facilities are necessary and I have supported them in the past. However the subdivision I live in and subdivision next to us have about 75 single-family homes that have not even the basic infrastructure of sewer.

I’ve lived in Okanagan Landing since 1974, which was before annexation. When our area was annexed, the city promised us sewer. Yet here it is 2015 and no sewer.

Yes, we live in the City of Vernon and still use septic systems and in many situations, failing septic systems. So before the regional district borrows $13.25 million for a sports arena, let’s give all the taxpaying citizens the most basic of city services.

Tony Connors



Vernon Morning Star