Victoria pro hockey will be missed

Re: City scores another chance at WHL (News, April 22)

To say I am upset by the announcement of the return of the WHL to Victoria is an understatement. I find the timing of the announcement to be atrocious. At least the NHL had the courtesy to delay an announcement on the possible move of the Phoenix Coyotes back to Winnipeg until the ’Yotes were eliminated from the playoffs. Some of us are devoted Salmon Kings fans and would have preferred to keep the team here.

Last Wednesday, we learned RG Properties rejected the idea of moving the Manitoba Moose to Victoria. I much prefer the professional game – and am a great fan of the minor leagues. Some of the players earn their way to the NHL and have entertained audiences across North America at the same time.

I am still mad that we lost the Victoria Maple Leafs when Toronto moved the team to Phoenix – just a year after a championship season (1965-66). I did support the Victoria Cougars junior team for years but when they were sold and moved to Prince George, I decided that was it for junior hockey. What makes people think it will be any different now? Victoria fans are generally very fickle and only support a winning franchise.

I remember the fuss about the Victoria Spiders (who never actually made it here) – everyone holding jerseys for the photo-op. It was the same for the Salmon Kings when they arrived. Now they are being cast aside. I hope the Salmon Kings keep winning and embarrass their owners. Too bad a hockey decision comes down to the almighty dollar.

Go Kings Go – all the way to the cup.

Helen Edwards


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