Vernon’s original McDonald’s Restaurant at the corner of 53rd Avenue and 26th Street. The fast food franchise arrived in the late 1970s. The space is occupied today by Budget Blinds and Summit Financial. (Greater Vernon Museum and Archives photo #21674)

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One of the first fast food franchises to land in Vernon

Vernon entered the fast-food era in the mid-to-late 1970s when the city’s first McDonald’s franchise arrived.

It was located on the corner of 53rd Avenue and 26th Street where Summit Financial and Budget Blinds are today.

Dairy Queen, Tastee Freeze and some pizza joints like Pizza Hut were already established when the Golden Arches arrived.

Once you finished your Big Mac, fries, Coke and apple/cherry pie dessert – Big Macs came in styrofoam containers then – you could go out behind McDonald’s and have a great time dropping quarters at McMini’s, an arcade which featured pinball, foosball and a miniature golf course.

There are two McDonald’s in Vernon today; one a few blocks north from the original site on 58th Avenue, and one in the Landing Plaza on 25th Avenue.

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