Two kinds of addictions

Editor: I would like to address a couple of addictions that I feel is affecting people of all ages.


I would like to address a couple of addictions that I feel is affecting people of all ages.

The addiction is affecting family bonding, the ability to work effectively, to engage in other healthy activities and most of all to interact with people. I think the two addictions are computer games and over use of marijuana.

In Wikipedia it states that video playing can like any other addiction cause social isolation, mood swings and diminished imagination.

In marijuana there are chemicals so powerful that it acts as mood altering substance that many users believe to be safe. In essence, anything that causes a person to continue a certain behaviour or activity is a form of an addiction.

I met a lady in my travels who disclosed to me that she was addicted to morphine. In her own words she said “I began to lose my sense of feeling and emotion. That scared me so I quit cold turkey.” In other words “I chose this lifestyle and I chose to quit.”

The outcome is: being miserable, unsociable and not making an effort to bond with family members and other people. When this behaviour is passed on to the next generation the family disintegrates and becomes dysfunctional. If you question the effects on you ask yourself, “when did I last give a hug to my aunt, grandparents, or even great aunt?” How often to you get together?

How can families resolve this problem? First, awareness. Second, action. Third, don’t blame. And fourth, apologize. If you’re reading this letter pass it on to family and friends. And you start the healing process. You pick up the phone and call your aunt, your grandparents and/or your parents. You organize family events. Be creative. It can be fun. Don’t forget by initiating you’re also demonstrating leadership skills.

P.S. don’t text or email. Remember bonding involves all the senses. Touching, feeling, hearing, tasting and smelling good food.

Jean Sam,

Burns Lake, B.C.



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