A resident provides his thoughts on the U.S. president

On Feb. 22, a woman wrote a response which sounded more like a rant to a gentleman who simply felt offended by a cartoon published Feb. 3.

Mentioning he was a Trump supporter seemed to have incited her to write it. It seems she took offence to the gentleman being offended. Throughout her letter, we can see a certain level of tolerance for those with opposing views. She states, “You sir, do not live in the U.S. and have no more investment in the governance of that nation than I do in upper Mongolia.”

The last time I checked, we don’t share the longest unprotected border with Mongolia nor are they our largest trading partner and closest ally.

To suggest that because we don’t live there, we shouldn’t have a vested interest in the governance of the U.S. is to quote her, “utter nonsense.”

Continuing on, she recommends that the gentleman can, “by all means go where you feel understood.”

I would argue that he doesn’t need to go anywhere. He is understood right here and by many. Her letter then concludes quite strangely by accusing the gentleman of apparently pledging allegiance to “the media circus south of the border,” and somehow lobbing an, “insult to those who work to govern the land in which you live.” It seems to be that it’s a large number of people who hold different views that are the ones being insulted.

R. Weiszberger



Vernon Morning Star