Treatment facility

Resident expresses concerns about treatment facility in his neighbourhood

This is a response to the letters from Judy Shirley and Dave Bosomworth.

How nice to spread rainbows, sunshine and roses in one breath and then lay guilt at the feet of frightened seniors and concerned parents about having addicts housed right in the middle of their neighbourhood.

Not in my backyard?

You bet.

If either or both of these supporters happen to live within a two-block radius of this residence, well good on you for being so hospitable.

If you don’t live here, maybe you should see if you can find a place close to you in your neighbourhood, so you can extend a hand to these people personally.

It would be interesting to see how that washes out with your neighbours.

As for city council, shame on you for allowing this to transpire.

I thought you were elected to listen to your citizens and protect us.

I guess we will have to rely on an overworked police force, which usually shows up after something has happened.

As for our neighbourhood, look up how council voted on this matter and remember that for the next election.

Brian Litzenberger



Vernon Morning Star