Transit change a concern

Resident concerned about the bus service at the Village Green Centre

I am writing in support of the opposition to bus changes at the Village Green Centre.

It is with total amazement that I have watched the changes made with no consideration to the people using said buses. I am one of those users and I want to express my total disappointment upon realization that the current situation is now classed as a permanent one.

We are forced to endure the hardship of struggling.

Upon being dropped off at the current bus stop, we are forced to forge our way down the mall driveway, then it is another block through traffic, both cars and trucks, to enable us to enter the mall entrance.

This is a serious accident waiting to happen and someone is going to be seriously hurt or worse yet, dead.

I don’t know what we have to do to get someone to listen to our plea.

I signed a petition as so many others did, and still the bus transit system continues to treat its passengers with little respect and with no regard for their safety.

Thank you for letting me voice my concerns. I only hope someone is listening.

B. Cousins



Vernon Morning Star