There are other options for deer than just killing them

Letter to the editor regarding urban deer population

The province of B.C. has issued a permit for killing deer to the city of Cranbrook. Kimberley and Invermere have also applied for deer cull permits.

The method to be used is the clover trap/bolt gun, which resembles an oversized hockey net that is baited with food to attract deer. When the deer enter and start to eat, a door will drop behind them, holding them captive until the morning when they will be dispatched with the bolt gun.

The CRD is asking for feedback from the public about a deer cull in this city.

What is not widely known is that there are immuno-contraceptive vaccines available for use on wildlife that have been tested and proved effective.

If you do not want to witness a clover trap/bolt gun in your backyard, I urge you to speak out before it is too late.

Val Boswell


Saanich News

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