Hugs and Slugs

Hugs and Slugs

The week’s worth of Hugs and Slugs

* Offering heartfelt Hugs, condolences and prayers for the victims, their families and all affected by the senseless shooting

• Offering heartfelt Hugs, condolences and prayers for the victims, their families and all affected by the senseless shooting

Hugs: Huge Hugs to Gerricks Sports for quickly getting my 8 year old back on his bike during these trying times! Your customer service is amazing!

Hugs: To the birthday parade. My neighbors, toddler and myself love the feel good parade that is bringing people such joy on their special day. This is not easy to organize and takes dedication and passion. Thank you for giving us a 7pm smile everyday.

Slugs: Shame the Conservative party. True leadership comes with the responsibility to recognize what is being done right and to recommend improvements. Whenever all you have to say is that everything is being done wrong, you know their interest is strictly about politics, and not about people!

Hugs to the Townsman for the extra puzzle pages [added during your temporary newspaper restructuring]. Sure helps pass the time! Keeping calm and crosswording on…

• Smelly slugs to the pet parents who are allowing their dogs to use the base of Eager Hill for a poop park. As one ascends the first part of the trail, the odour of the accumulated excrement is truly disgusting. With COVID restrictions in place, it is understandable — and encouraging — that many more people are discovering and exploring that wonderful backyard gem that is our Community Forest, but PLEASE do so responsibly: pick up your pet’s poop and pack it out, for Dawg’s sake!

Hugs to the young couple out enjoying the Community Forest last week (white dog with a few black patches). So appreciated that you kept your canine on a leash and under control — thank you for setting such a good example!

Hugs: To all our local elected representatives that are looking into our gas prices. Your ongoing efforts are very visible at the pumps.

Hugs: I would like to send a big hug to Cheryl and Annette at Save On Foods. I was in the store this week and had displaced (lost), my Save On More card …when they were helping me retrieve my account, I had a huge meltdown. Information processing showed that I’ve had my card for a few decades, and was listed under my previous name. Since that time, lots has happened, my husband was killed, etc. I guess I’ve swept more of my life under the carpet than I thought. They were amazing, and I left the store in a much better frame of mind than I entered. Who needs counsellors? Just shop at Save On!

Hugs: Huge Hugs to the care aids, housekeeping, and kitchen staff at Gardenview in Kimberley thank you for taking such amazing care of the residents, during this very difficult time. You guys are amazing.

Hugs: Huge Hugs to Terri and Candace at the BC Cannabis. These two ladies provide excellent customer service and are knowledgeable and patient when answering any and all questions. Keep up the good work.

Hugs: Huge hugs to Max’s Place for coming up with innovative ways to provide baked goods to the community. You have continued to provide excellent service with a positive attitude since this lockdown began, best wishes for your continued successes!

Hugs: Huge hugs to Kelly from Canadian Tire for his expertise, and excellent customer service….any time I go in there he is always happy to help…keep up the good work!

Hugs: To the whole Pharmacy team at Save On Foods. You are all so kind and give such good customer service, I am very happy to get all my prescription needs at Save On Foods.

Hugs: To the staff at the Dollar Tree. Another example of great customer service every time I go in there.

Slugs: To the threesome blocking the rear access to Joseph’s Creek on Monday morning while visiting with each other and refusing to make way for an oncoming pedestrian. The gentleman (questionable) insisted there was adequate room to walk the covid-19 gauntlet while ensuring he was maintaining the required distance! Very inconsiderate and insensitive! Ultimately forcing the pedestrian off the entry way altogether. Totally unnecessary if maintaining courtesy.

Hugs: To the East Kootenay Regional Hospital Emergency staff. April 18th was a real busy day and Dr Ackerman and all the skilled nurses never missed a beat, and did it with often light hearted chatter, which is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Slugs: To the cyclist that was racing down rails to trails with no concern for others on the trail. Slow down and call out to the people walking to make sure they don’t accidentally step in your way and to give them a chance to move over to maintain 6 feet. Your actions were reckless at the best of times and during this Covid-19 even more so.

Slugs: To the oil companies for gouging our citizens. The Provincial government just passed legislation making price gouging a crime and that the authorities can fine these unscrupulous participants. Let’s get at them, our neighbours are all considerably lower in pricing the same product.

Slugs: To all the gas outlets in Cranbrook. Gas in Fairmont 69.9 last week and yet in Cranbrook 93.9. Now oil trading at negative prices, can we expect some form of reasonable price adjustments.

Hugs: To everyone connected to the front line workers at the hospital from custodians, security, nurses, techs and doctors. Thank you

Hugs: To the Police Officers, Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics that can be counted on to protect the public. Thank you

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