The war begins in Qualicum Beach

Regional district vote shows the tone of three years to come

Monday, December 5 , 2011 — another Day of Infamy.

As expected, the Civic Centre in Qualicum Beach resound with the warcry of “Get Westbroek!” and the inaugural meeting of the new council saw the first battle of what is expected to be a three-year war.

It is anticipated that the new Gang of Three will do all in their power to sideline the mayor and ridicule his presence in the decision-making process.

This was amply illustrated by the objection to his recommended appointment to the RDN board which became the big deal of an amending motion, rather than a cooperative, behind-the-scenes resolution of the differing opinions.

The next 36 months are going to be tainted by extreme opinions, lack of compromise, inter-personal antagonisms, inflated egos and personal interests.

Sad! Even sadder that these do not fit the expressed desires of the majority of citizens of our town.

F.H. Horner


Qualicum Beach



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