Thanks for Thompson View Manor

A reader writes to say how fortunate we are to have Thompson View Manor, and encourage people to join ita Board.

Dear Editor,

We are so fortunate to have Thompson View Manor, a senior apartment complex in Ashcroft.

The complex provides safe, comfortable, affordable housing for seniors. Those who apply must provide financial information, a damage deposit, and they must be capable of living independently. The applicants must be non-smokers. Pets are allowed, but smaller breeds are preferred.

Inside the Manor, the facility is very capably maintained on a weekly basis. Laundry facilities are free of charge, but users must comply with certain regulations as to hours of use, etc. Cable facilities and heat and air conditioning are included in the rental. Rental subsidies depend on income, and must be applied for. A commodious patio is provided with each apartment unit, so that residents can enjoy the marvellous view of the mesas and mountains beyond. The lawns and shrubs are groomed, and enhance the Manor’s appearance greatly.

Personally, I find the atmosphere at the Manor allows me to paint, write, read, think, and just smell the roses (literally; the bush is just outside my back door).

Of course, a facility like Thompson View Manor requires the skills of a management team. The Manor has two managers, who deal with the needs of tenants and the building’s interior and exterior. The Manor also requires a Board to supervise and insure the ongoing operation of the facility.

Ashcroft is very fortunate to have volunteers who are willing to give their time and their experience to a number of organizations in our community. Thompson View Manor is one of them. I can think of no finer contribution to our community than to act as a Board member. As a resident of Thompson View Manor for more than two years now, I’m exceedingly grateful to be living here. Please consider volunteering as a Board member. Your contribution would be more gratefully appreciated than you can imagine.

Esther Darlington


Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal

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