Thank you

Letter writer praises the kind actions of a resident

On Jan. 15, I stopped at Shoppers Drug Mart on 27th Street. An older woman was parked beside me and was busy cleaning her car windows covered in road grime. Her rag was saturated so I gave her one from my supply I keep handy.

My windows were dirty also and she asked if she could do mine. I thanked her and said, “No, I would do it.” We exchanged pleasantries and I went into the store.

The woman was gone when I returned and all of my car windows were cleaned off. I didn’t have a chance to thank her so I am doing it now, and I wish her well.

This kindness reaffirms my decision of more than 32 years ago that I raise my boys here and make Vernon our home.

Vernonites, pay it forward.

D.A. Ross



Vernon Morning Star