Symptoms of a broken system

Dear editor,

Letter to the Editor

Dear editor,

Justin Trudeau decided we need an election.

Actually, he needs an election. We have sent our elected MPs to parliament to represent us. They should hold a secret ballot to decide if we need an election before their term is up.

This is just another symptom of a system that is broken. In the original Parliament, the MPs were elected to represent each constituency, not their party. There were no political parties.

‘Party’ is a strange choice of words for these organizations.

Although I’m sure some drunken parties do more good than political parties drunk on power.

Originally, the prime minister was selected by the MPs, now the prime minister selects the MPs. When political parties first started, the MPs from each party selected the leader. Now no one can run for any party unless the leader allows it.

So if you vote for the Liberal candidate, you are actually voting for the MP from Papineau in Quebec. If you vote for the Conservative candidate, you are actually voting for Erin O’Toole, the MP from Durham, Ont. He will dictate exactly how your MP will vote. If you vote for the NDP candidate, you are actually voting for Jagmeet Singh, the MP for Burnaby, a riding he took over because he was leader.

The top-down structure that has overtaken our political structures makes it very easy for large powerful interest groups to control the government.

Leadership contests are just a matter of money since most of the party members do not know the candidates personally; leadership is bought.

It is much cheaper to buy three leaders than to influence an election across Canada. Even the Green Party leadership has been taken over by a powerful interest group.

Ask your candidate if she or he is willing to vote against their leader or try to find a wise independent candidate to support instead.

Glen Staples


Comox Valley Record