Surveillance camera not the answer for Innes Corner

Councillor Rosemary Wallace has some great ideas for making Langley City more liveable

Editor: In response to the article in the Langley Times on July 10, in regards to the City of Langley beefing up security at Innes Corner, I would like to say that I support Rosemary Wallace in her opinions.

I understand that the City of Langley plans to spend $86,000 of taxpayers’ money on video surveillance which, in my opinion, is not the answer.

I live and work in the Langley City area, and for over a year, I have spent my lunch breaks on sunny days at the fountains at Innes Corner and I have never been asked to buy drugs.

I know there is drug activity going on there but what these people need is not cameras, but help with their addiction and mental health issues and ways to overcome homelessness. We as a community need to step up and have resources for these people, not cameras to watch them.

Rosemary Wallace has some great ideas as well in regards to bringing in businesses to increase foot traffic and in turn these will create a positive atmosphere and jobs.

I also agree we need to help create an impression that we are a safe city but let’s also not forget in order to change that, it requires social programs, jobs and housing so let’s deal with some of the core issues not the cover-ups or Band-Aids.

Changing the atmosphere starts at the roots of the problems and Gateway of Hope can only do so much to provide temporary relief and not permanent help.

It’s also funny how the same day this article was printed there was another article in another newspaper, stating the crime rate is down in the City, so spending $86,000 on cameras seems to me like a ludicrous idea and does not address the real problems.

Sara Hill


Langley Times