Spice of Life

Spice of Life

Sunshine, flowers, berries make for a positive day in the time of COVID

Brenda finds the beauty in the world and a surprise pick for Vice President of the United States

I wonder how all of you are doing in this time of the COVID-19 virus.

Maybe you are like me and are doing the best you can to observe rules when we shop etc. I follow the arrows, stand on the little circle that tells me to stand there. I hopscotch through the lined box shapes to enter the credit union. And, of course, I read signs. Do this and do that.

Even at the feed store, I do as I am told. One sign said “no more than one person per vehicle inside the store.”

I couldn’t see any vehicles in the store so I went in.

I went to the Access Centre to renew my license. Waited outside while the place was cleaned. When that was done, I sat in a chair and waited.

I was helped with paperwork and was told that I “would expire in a few days.”

I told the woman that if that is the case not much sense renewing my license.

Today I was able to see all the positive things in my life. No rain and the sun was shining. As I walked the dog and the cat,

I was so pleased to see that so many wildflowers are still blooming.

When I walked the country road I could still see paintbrush, daisies, aster, clover and a new flower to me.

I finally found out this yellow button flower is called tansy. Beautiful.

On my property trails many of the same flowers as well as shrubs with berries. Red-twigged dogwood is spectacular with its red branches crowned with clusters of white berries.

I could eat Saskatoon berries, gooseberries, raspberries and very tart cranberries.

When I got home I decided to put out some birdseed so I could see who was still around. Evening grosbeaks came along as did nuthatches, chickadees and siskins. Other birds were around but seed did not appeal to them. Still, very positive.

Since I just can’t force myself to avoid all news I did check to see what was happening in the world. There it was. Another positive on this day. Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate in the US election.

A woman of colour. How about that? Perfect.

Trump will not like this pick since she is a strong woman and also a woman of colour.

The name-calling will occur soon. I hope I don’t hear or see that. Could ruin a perfect day or two.

I hope you can see the positive in these days.

You can tell me about it when you call 250-846-5095 or just email your thoughts to mallory@bulkley.net.

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