Sunshine and early thoughts on the election

Creston letter writer Larry Brierley provides some early thoughts on the upcoming provincial election.

To the Editor:

I received the January 26, 2017 issue of the Advance today. It is refreshing to see two references to spring: the sunshine and the May provincial election. Your article failed to mention Wes Black who taught in Canyon and was our MLA from 1952 until the late ‘60s — even serving in Cabinet. He took over from Frank Putnam.

Ms. Wall, according to the headline, “wants to bring Nelson-Creston into government fold”. She can be consoled that after May 9 this constituency and its MLA, Michelle Mungall, will be in the government fold.

In the recent past the Liberal government dropped our valley to level 2 in the Agricultural Land Reserve. The Liberals did not recognize the fine agricultural land and dedicated farmers on that land.  A Liberal supporter said something to the effect that “not much of value was grown east of Nelson.” To my knowledge Ms. Wall did not challenge this, while Ms. Mungall stood up for the farmers and Creston Valley.

Our valley is best served keeping Ms. Mungall as MLA and changing the provincial government.

Larry Brierley

Creston, BC


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