Stickle Road

Resident pushes the government to listen to the public

We have a dilemma. We have a population and civic leadership in Vernon that all seem to agree the only proper solution to the ever growing problem of the industrial growth in the Stickle Road area is the installation of a traffic light at the intersection of Highway 97.

All seem to agree that this will not be dangerous, nor will it slow traffic unnecessarily. Indeed, it will be no different than many other intersections along Highway 97. The only roadblock is the provincial government, which insists that a much more cumbersome, and probably more expensive, solution is better.

It is remarkable that our MLA, Eric Foster, whom I believe has worked hard and done much good work for this constituency, has been unable to change the minds of his cabinet colleagues, who never pass through this way, and thus have no idea of the seriousness of this situation. It would be a shame indeed, if at the next election, Mr. Foster should lose his seat to another party, as will be the likely outcome if the people of Vernon continue to be so shamelessly ignored.

Gregory A. Milne



Vernon Morning Star