Stephen Harper’s favourite tall tale

Balanced budget unlikely, deficits Harper’s financial record

To the editor:

Stephen Harper seems to live in some kind of fantasy world.

If you were to ask him if he had a hobby or if his wife enjoyed gardening, he would view your question as an opportunity to launch into the retelling of his favourite tall tale.

After years of doggedly repeating his outrageous version of reality, he has convinced himself that the yarn is true.

His story has many twists and turns, but can be summarized as follows: As prime minister, he single-handedly saved Canada from economic ruin and is once again in a desperate fight to save his kingdom from the evil liberal-minded hordes that have dared to challenge his divine right to rule.

You could say he has become a legend in his own mind.

Our prime minister may [not have the courage] to don a 10-gallon Stetson and ride a Brahma bull at the Calgary Stampede, but he has ridden the Canadian dollar from 87 cents in 2006 to 105 cents in 2011 and down to 75 cents today.

Unfortunately, Harper is so out of touch with reality he refuses to acknowledge his 2015 so-called balanced budget will inevitably end up being his eighth consecutive budgetary deficit.

Some ride; some record; some leader – totally unbelievable!

Lloyd Atkins


100 Mile House Free Press