A LITTLE SNOW ANGEL braved to tread over the fresh landscape in a howling wind.

A LITTLE SNOW ANGEL braved to tread over the fresh landscape in a howling wind.

Starting off 2015 with a fresh slate

Staying positive is easier when you aren't surrounded with things that drive you crazy.

I quickly discarded the idea of making resolutions this year, seeing as how they fall under the category of Good Intentions without fail, and I’ve made enough of them over the years to pave the road to Hell and back several times.

Instead, I thought, maybe I should just send out positive wishes to everyone in my communities for the coming year.

Starting with the driver I followed down Hwy 97C into Ashcroft on Monday, doing 40 kph through the bluffs while riding the centre line and still sporting an untouched 8-inch layer of snow on their roof like icing  on a fruit cake. Yes, it’s an excellent idea to be cautious when the roads are bad, but c’mon. I’ll bet the oncoming traffic didn’t think too much of you driving in their lane. I wish for you a good set of snow tires along with a dash of fortitude when driving in winter conditions.

Was that positive?

And then there was the driver of a transport truck who just had to get out and pass me as we were both coming into Cache Creek on Sunday evening. I was having a hard time seeing where the lanes were, but I hear that it’s easier  to spot when you’re in the driver’s seat of a truck. I was okay with that, but when you pulled into the oncoming lane in front of KAL Tire to pass another truck, and was only forced back into your own lane by a string of oncoming traffic, I realized that your eyesight wasn’t any better than mine, and your judgment was certainly worse. Well, my wish for you is for a truckload of common sense and for an even greater amount of patience. I’m just slightly doubtful that you’d know what to do with either one of them.

Now I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be considered “positive”, so perhaps I should stay away from traffic and stick to politics.

Here’s to fresh new ideas and approaches for each of the surrounding municipal councils, school boards and TNRD rural directors and best wishes to each to make 2015 the year the economy finally turned around and dealt our readership area a winning hand!

Best wishes for a new year well beyond our wildest dreams!

Wendy Coomber is editor of the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Journal

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