Resident provides his thoughts on speeding motorists

I cannot thank the elderly citizens of Vernon and surrounding areas enough for their contribution to our great piece of dirt in this part of Canada.

The money and time they have invested is greatly appreciated. I keep this thought in mind each and every time I drive to Enderby, Sicamous(along the lake) and Salmon Arm.

To my respected elders, please note the speed limit was increased to 100 kilometres from 90 last year. Perhaps when I retire, driving 60 to 80 kilometres will also help me feel less fearful.

On the subject of fearful, I immediately join the retired in that feeling if a roundabout was installed at Stickle Road. Eight out of 10 drivers stop at the small roundabouts in town doing 10 to 20 kilometres. I cannot fathom involving 18-wheelers and greater speeds. To be clear, the above is the true voice of the tax-base generators.

Daniel Pariseau



Vernon Morning Star