Speed not a factor in Renfrew crash; enforcement good idea

Primarily, this is meant and going to be a huge thank you letter

Reply to letter “Speed traps needed to slow Renfrew traffic”

Primarily, this is meant and going to be a huge thank you letter to those who have been a part of this tough time in my life, but first I feel I must deal with a few misunderstood facts of another reader.

I would have to concur with a portion of Glenn White’s submitted letter re: individuals need to slow down and drive the speed limit on Renfrew Road (as well as many others thoroughfares in the region), but Renfrew Road particularly because of its elevated volume of walking pedestrians on a non-raised sidewalk and high volume traffic.

There have been unfortunate fatalities on this road in the past because of speeding vehicles and pedestrians and so I agree, speed traps would definitely improve road conditions.

However, Glenn White, without doing any proper background investigating, has used the accident in which I was involved to try and make his point, but in a large way failed.

Let me take this moment to clarify a few errors. I was travelling on Renfrew Road, doing the posted speed limit, towards the west side turnoff.

A Victoria-based plumber’s van, without slowing down at all, ran the Worthington side road stop sign on my left and t-boned on the drivers side of my vehicle extremely hard, sending me off the road.

I was fortunate enough to narrowly miss a telephone pole and came very close to gas lines. You are correct in stating that I was lying on the ground waiting for an ambulance but it had nothing to do whatsoever with speed being a factor in this case.

I had my seat belt on, I was doing the posted speed, I had both my hands on the steering wheel, my phone was in my purse, I was alone in the car and have been charged with absolutely nothing. The other driver, however, has admitted his faults, and has been charged 100 per cent with the collision.

This accident would have been a prime example to use if you wanted to make a point of what happens when you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing while driving, but sorry Mr. White, this has nothing to do at all with speeding this time and I don’t deserve the mistaken criticism and conviction of poorly informed drive-by critics. Please try to gets the facts right before you go pointing fingers in all the wrong directions.

I hurt enough physically from the accident, I don’t need the undeserved pain of people thinking I’ve done something wrong when I haven’t.

Now, the most important point of this letter, I would like to pass on a huge thank you to all the kind, wonderful citizens that helped me stay calm as we waited for help to arrive.

A thank you as well to the first responders who did a great job then and always.

I owe you all so much for your compassion and concern and am mending at home with the love of family and friends.


K. Paige

Shawnigan Lake

Cowichan Valley Citizen