Six lanes needed for Pattullo Bridge

There has been a great deal of concern over the last six months that there was to be a change in the government’s (and TransLink’s) view on the solution to replacing or refurbishing of the 74-year-old Pattullo Bridge connecting Surrey with New Westminster.

In the fall of 2010, it was learned that the ministry of transportation had asked TransLink to review its plans for the crossing and investigate whether or not refurbishing the span would be a satisfactory alternative to building a new bridge.

For quite a long time now, it appeared that there was no alternative to replacement being considered, and when the request came to light, there was considerable concern that a less-than-satisfactory conclusion would be decided, ie. not to replace the bridge.

Subsequently, TransLink has announced that the only viable solution would be to replace the bridge.

However, there is still some concern that planners may opt for a four-lane span rather than the six-lane structure that many agree is the appropriate solution to current and future needs.

There is still some discussion as to how the bridge would be paid for, but the Surrey Board of Trade will wait until an overall funding position for TransLink is determined before taking a position on that.

The Surrey Board of Trade, as Surrey’s business organization, endorses and supports the construction of a new six-lane bridge to replace the old span.


Anita Patil Huberman

CEO, Surrey Board of Trade

Surrey Now Leader