Simple fixes for bad drivers

Drivers on Saanich Peninsula can be dangerous, fail to use signal lights in traffic circles, roundabouts

I have read and heard numerous comments on how bad our drivers are here on the Peninsula.

The best way to avoid any confrontation is the very simple but not so obvious method of using your signal lights.

The new traffic circle (roundabout) is the perfect example. I hate sitting to yield into the circle because ignorant drivers do not use their signal lights on a regular basis to exit the circle. If only they used their signal lights, the flow would work flawlessly.

Vehicles can enter knowing that the oncoming vehicle is turning. The signal light is used to show intent, so if you are changing lanes anywhere, including the traffic circle, please use your signal lights. I can handle speeders, if they show intent – with signal lights. If you drive the speed limit and are careful, you are very dangerous if you do not signal intent. We are not mind readers.

And by the way stay in your own lane – no crossing the centre line expecting people to move over. The law is not to leave your lane, otherwise you are at fault – even if you swerve to go around a garbage truck or three abreast biking on the side of the road. Slow down and wait until it is safe to cross the centre line giving the passing object the benefit of the doubt just to be safe.

Brett Mindus

North Saanich

Peninsula News Review