Show some compassion

Resident urges others to walk in the shoes of the homeless

These are my thoughts about the homeless people trying to survive on our streets.

I recently read an article where Kelowna RCMP are threatening them with fines or arrest.

To all of the people in their warm homes, with their loving family and friends, feel free to look down your nose at the homeless people, and wish they would all just disappear.

Never question why you treat your family pet with more compassion, respect and kindness than you treat a homeless human being. Justify your disgust by thinking, “at least they could go somewhere else.”

Raise yourself up by putting them down, and calling them names like addict, moocher or thief.

Ignore the fact they have no where and no one to go to, or that they suffer from a mental illness you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy.

Overlook the probability they were sexually, physically or mentally abused as a child and then thank God that you are not in their place.

Guy Rutledge



Vernon Morning Star