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Writer takes City of Castlegar to task over walking/bike path


Council’s anger at not being informed is exactly how taxpayers feel when kept uniformed by council. As is the case with the bike path detour.

When Council considers a project that will impact significantly a specific residential area, it should be an obvious policy to send out a letter informing those homeowners affected. The politically sound action in the bike path proposal would have been to invite those residents to a meeting with the City Planning/Transportation and CPR.

Had the taxpayers of Riverside Crescent and Connors Road had such an opportunity to give their input, it is very likely a better location for the rail crossing could have been worked out to have less impact on anyone’s residence.

As it is, one home has been drastically affected, in a way that no one would wish to see happen to their home. It is a sad, unnecessary situation, yet not one council member has bothered to come take a look and see why it’s so bad.

It’s bad because the rail crossing was not constructed where we were told it would be. The contractor’s heavy equipment was knocking down trees before any one from the City could come and check them.

Before contractors start, there should be a responsible representative from the City on site to prevent such mistake, and again at the end to make sure work is completed satisfactorily.

Bad mistakes were made on this project, which, had the taxpayers involved been kept informed and included, could have been avoided, and we would not be feeling this anger at Council. The only way to mitigate the damage would be to tear out the asphalt rail crossing and replace the lost trees.

I have to say, regarding Council’s displeasure at not being informed by CPR, “Treat others as you would have others treat you.”

Nesta E. Hale (Mrs)


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