Seniors’ facility defended

letter to the editor from Darlene Hagen: seniors' facility defended

To the Editor,

Along with many others I have been reading the Mayors “As I see it” for quite some time and mostly disagree with his sarcasm and remarks.

I would like to comment on the column of Sept. 18. In his column he called for, “… the creation of a firm plan around building the initial level of a senior care facility.”

How dare you make such remarks about our seniors facility in Barriere.  Obviously you don’t know a lot about us. Yellowhead Pioneer Society is a non-profit society, all volunteer, that has worked hard for 38 years to keep as many seniors as possible in affordable and comfortable housing. We know everything isn’t perfect but neither is funding or life.  As for the comment about no pets, well, as sad as it is, who comes first seniors or pets? When tenants can’t look after their pets, who does? It becomes a health issue as well as extra cleaning is needed plus new carpets and flooring.

Interior Health has told us that we have two units over what we should have considering the population of seniors in Barriere. Also without a hospital there is no chance for an extended care facility.

Our 12 units of independent living are showing its age but we try hard to keep them repaired. Assisted living units are great and the staff who look after the seniors are very capable and caring.

You might not think as a society we aren’t much, but let me assure you we have tried very hard for our seniors and are extremely proud of our facility and our accomplishments.

Darlene Hagen

President, Yellowhead Pioneer Residence

Barriere, B.C.

Barriere Star Journal