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It was just recently that I became aware of a free and in my opinion highly informative and valuable program.

It was just recently that I became aware of a free and in my opinion highly informative and valuable program offering non-emergency health advice to residents of Nakusp and all other parts of BC.

By simply dialing three numbers on your telephone (8-1-1) at any time of the day or night throughout the entire year, we can consult with a BC registered nurse concerning any number of non-emergency health conditions or symptoms which may be arising within one’s life.

In addition, we can speak with a pharmacist about medications, obtain help in acquiring information concerning healthy eating choices from a dietician or identify the various public health services located within the Village of Nakusp and other communities  throughout the region.

By dialing 8-1-1 on your telephone, a registered nurse for example, can help by discussing symptoms and procedures concerning non-emergency situations, and can also help one on the subject of seeing a physician or going to the hospital.

In the case of consulting with a pharmacist, we can learn how and when to take over-the-counter cold medications with a new prescription provided by your doctor.  You can also obtain information about the side effects of prescription drugs.  Note that a pharmacist is on call at 8-1-1 every night between the hours of 5pm to 9am when a community pharmacist may be unavailable in person to help to respond to  medication questions.

As to obtaining advice on how to maintain a healthy diet including the best choice for certain health conditions, a dietician is available at 8-1-1 every weekday to discuss dietary choices and provide nutritional advice.

In addition to using a telephone, we can check one’s symptoms, learn about health conditions and identify the  services needed by clicking this resource (an on-line computerized service) which offers medically approved information on the subject of over 4,000 health-related topics and 2,500 ervices located within the searchable data base as well as the over-the-counter drug information contained in the comprehensive medication library.

The integrated search and mapping function of the new navigation resource helps us to find the health services needed which are located closest to where we live.

In addition, this service has published a book on the subject of how to recognize and cope with common health concerns, preventing illness, home treatment and when to see a health professional.  It is available for the asking.

In the case of a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 when immediate action is required.


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