Senior speaks up

Residents questions Prime Minister on how the government has made life better for citizens

Prime Minister, I am feeling ignored and basically abandoned by your goverment. I am not Indigenous/Aboriginal/Metis. I am not LGBTQ. I am not a refugee.

I am a Canadian senior 71 years young. I worked and paid taxes (still do) for 55 years. I watch question period almost every day and hear you and all your ministers expound how you are improving the lives of the Canadian middle class (I don’t know who they are even though I have repeatedly asked). I, as yet, have not seen any improvement in my lot in life. Actually my costs have risen due to an increase in the taxes I pay. I like the odd beer or glass of wine. My fuel costs more, I am told it is the “carbon tax.” Groceries cost more due to the same aforementioned tax. At times I feel like I, and other seniors are getting “two bitted” to death.

I would appreciate sometime when you are not globe hopping, walking in parades, visiting smoke lodges, welcoming refugees, etc., you could drop me a line and fill me in how my life has improved under your goverment.

Mike Wright, Vernon

Vernon Morning Star