Second opinion

Local resident provides some thoughts on keeping active

Dr. April Sanders’ article, Women inspire with their strength, was a delight to read but I must disagree, Dr. Sanders, when you say, “it is a ridiculous undertaking for someone in their 63rd year”.

I started CrossFit a year ago when I was shocked to suddenly realize how my strength and endurance were simply fading away as a result of the body’s normal process called sarcopenia.

I enjoy skiing, both downhill and cross-country, skating, hiking and biking but realized that at the rate at which I was deteriorating, these activities would soon be impossible.

Well, there’s good news.  I’m on the way back.

Still not a bruiser but strength and endurance are improving and I’m really looking forward to boogieing the bumps next winter, after my 84th birthday in September.

Al Johnson




Vernon Morning Star