Second lane needed

When a bus stops alongs Shelbourne, it stops all traffic in one direction

In your Dec. 21 issue, James Grayson’s letter on the contentious Shelbourne Street debacle states that “two lanes in each direction is completely unnecessary.”

He mentioned he went from North Dairy to Feltham.  Is that all?  Past Feltham, it is two lanes with bicycle lanes on both sides of the road and very limited parking.  When someone wants to turn left, it halts traffic with only one lane in each direction.  When a bus stops, it stops traffic in one direction, unless you pass the bus, which takes you into oncoming traffic.  Believe me, I’ve seen people do it.

Another point: He mentions he observed most people travelled in the curb lane to perhaps avoid being close to oncoming traffic. Really? I would say it would be because they want to turn right.  Just before Feltham, that’s where I would want to be, as someone turning left onto Feltham would block that lane.  Now, unless I want to be Ricky Racer I really can’t do that as the lane ends at Torquay.

As a taxpayer, I resent having to pay for something which only two per cent of commuters are going to use and inconveniences the other 98 per cent.

Kevin Puddy





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