School board seeks feedback on one-week spring break

On Jan. 20, the School District 73 board voted to return to a one-week spring break. This will be discussed at the Feb. 6 board meeting

Editor, The Times:

On Jan. 20, the School District 73 (Kamloops-Thompson) board voted to return to a one-week spring break. This will be discussed at the Feb. 6 school board meeting.

The calendar will then be posted for one month for public input. If you have thoughts, insights or opinions, please write or email.

This is an interesting issue. Parents who support the one-week spring break have cited their support because a one-week break is easier to manage with their work schedule. Other parents support the one-week break because it means a longer lunch hour and more days in class.

Parents who support the two-week spring break have expressed that they feel the two-week break is needed for their kids to refocus and they are stronger and more engaged learners moving into the last part of the school year. Parents also cite two weeks as preferable because, if they are traveling for holiday or to visit family, the two weeks is easier. Teachers, administrators, school board employees in all capacities have shared similar thoughts.

Our community has a vested interest in education. Input and engagement is an important part of this process and it would be great to hear from everyone who is impacted by the school calendar.

Many people are part of our school system and your thoughts are important leading up to the final vote on March 13.

We need the insights of people who work in the school and from parents and caregivers. Please consider sending your ideas or express what makes the most sense to you.

Written responses can be emailed (to or mailed (to 1383 – 9th Avenue, Kamloops, B.C. V2C 3X7). Responses can be kept anonymous if you like.

Your consideration is appreciated!

Shelley Sim, school trustee

Upper North Thompson Valley



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