Scammers using lottery winner’s name

Northwestern B.C. winner Bob Erb's name used in sophisticated ploy

Dear Sir:

Recently I was on the receiving end of a scam email letter – the sender claiming to be Bob Erb, the multimillion dollar lottery winner from Terrace, B.C. – offering to send me an endowment of cash.

The scammers were slick, including links to television news segments of actual interviews with the esteemed Mr. Erb.

And I admit I was momentarily hypnotized by the idea, the thought, that perhaps this was real, perhaps there really was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. When your health is failing you and there is no hope of relief – sometimes all you have is wishing, that some miraculous intervention . . . like winning the lottery, would occur.

But then again, I’m an educated woman, and looking at the email address of the sender; & spoke volumes. After all, one can’t picture Mr. Erb attending Yale let alone leaving his home in Canada which it is obvious he holds dear to his heart.

In the spirit of Mr. Erb’s nature, I felt compelled to contact you – the local paper, to inform you that Mr. Erb’s good name is being used to scam people on the internet.

Perhaps there is something that can be done to protect him from fallout from these scammers. Thank you.

Michelle Robinson,

Zephyrhills, Florida





Terrace Standard