Rossland should listen to parking concerns

Some Rosslander's are frustrated with Rossland's parking space shortage.

Over a short time span of two and-a-half days, 616 citizens of Rossland signed a petition urging the mayor, council, city planner and ISL Engineering to retain the angle parking on the north side of Columbia between the post office and the old Bank of Montreal building.

Many more citizens were disappointed that they missed signing the petition.

This petition was presented to council on March 5.

This is not a vocal minority of naysayers. These are citizens of all ages from all walks of life that are getting frustrated and angry because their voices are not being heard.

If the very influential group that is pushing for the complete proposed Columbia revitalization project actually talked to the general population they would know how strong feelings are on this issue.

Granted a few people that signed the petition do not want any change at all, just like the few people that want all the changes. There is more than just those two options.

Why must it all be one way or the other, cannot a compromise be made? Build the bump out bulbs, they will make the street safer and pedestrian friendly. Beautify our already generous sidewalk space and leave the angle parking.

Please build the parking lots behind the credit union and beside the thrift shop, we need all the parking spaces we can get these days as it is getting difficult to find a space at any time of the day.

Patricia Fleischer


Trail Daily Times