Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (May 5, 2016)

Our weekly feature gives readers a chance to vent about things that enrage them - or to thank a certain someone who made their day.


  • A bunch of roses to the lovely  teenagers who were handing out hand made inspirational  cards to shoppers at the Save-On Foods at 177 & 64th.   Mission accomplished, you brightened my day with your community spirit! Many blessings to you all.
  • Roses to the tattooed gentleman with the Bad Boys of Brazil jacket who helped a lady with her heavy groceries at the Central City Safeway on Friday, April 22. You were striving to make Surrey a “better place to live.” Your help was very much appreciated. Keep up the good work, Surrey needs more ambassadors like you.
  • A whole field worth of roses to the kind elderly man at the McDonald’s on 86th Avenue for buying my pals and I desserts. I really do appreciate people like you.
  • Roses to the man who noticed a little snake trying to cross 72nd Avenue near King George Boulevard in busy rush hour traffic on Monday and herded it back to the safety of the grass. It’s not easy herding a snake.
  • Roses to neighbours who take pride in their home and make an effort to improve the neighbourhood’s appearance by gardening, etc…

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Rotten Tomatoes

  • Rotten tomatoes to Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner. At a recent council meeting there was a call for speakers on the last item on the agenda. Hepner said, “no speakers, second call” as a lady clearly walked to the front to speak, only to hear the mayor say,” third call” without even looking up. Hepner then carried on with the next items like daffodil month and Punjab celebrations, leaving the lady standing and never getting her chance to speak. How rude!
  • Rotten tomatoes to the airlines that charge people for their luggage. It’s robbery and completely unfair – change that policy now!
  • A dumpster full of rotten tomatoes to Mayor Linda Hepner for not realizing they would be having guns at the Rod & Gun Show. The Grape & Grain Festival was last weekend. Did she realize they would be having wine there? Makes me wonder.
  • Watch for falling rotten tomatoes at the Guildford Walmart, which has  replaced most of their cashiers with self checkouts, resulting in huge lineups at the express checkouts, the new self checkouts (where it seems almost every customer requires assistance), and enormous lineups at the single cashier that remains open.

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