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Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (June 24, 2021)

Our weekly collection of compliments and complaints sent in by readers

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• Rotten tomatoes to the Surrey School District for cutting support for students for this coming fall, putting students and staff at risk. Every single year, the district fights and tries to exhaust families into accepting less-than-acceptable levels of support. This is an attack on the students who need the most support and their families.

• Roses to Carole and her colleagues at Surrey Memorial Hospital’s surgical daycare. They took great care of me before and after my surgery and clearly love what they do. Rotten tomatoes to me for trying to take a nurse’s glasses off her face right after I woke up after surgery. I’m sorry again!

• The most beautiful roses to Darlene Bennett, who got Elections B.C. to approve the application to work towards giving voters a say on the police transition.

• Never mind rotten tomatoes, drivers with ear-shattering exhaust systems should be heavily fined. They seem like spoiled children screaming for attention. White Rock has banned them, so why not Surrey?

• Congratulations to our grandson and all his fellow grads at Clayton Heights Secondary. Well done, everyone!

• Rotten tomatoes to the person who has an issue with mowing and blowing in the early hours of the day. Apparently you expect it be quiet at these times of the day. Did it ever cross your mind that it may be the time of day that these people have to get it done? It’s not all about you, baby.

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