Roads, ferries found lacking east of Terrace

Usk residents speak out about poor treatment by transportation authorities

Dear Sir:

We the undersigned are writing this letter to inform the public at large of the quality of work provided to us by Nechako Northcoast.

We feel we are being treated like a banana republic as a third world nation.  Work out here is done at the last possible moment as of late. The recent attitude of the transportation ministry leads us to believe they condone Nechako’s behaviour.

First let’s start with our road. It was resurfaced in August of 2009. It has not seen an upgrade since. The service that clears the snow has plowed most of that material into the ditch.  The potholes are getting so big you call them crates or lakes (depending if they have water in them).

Then there is the issue of the snow removal in our parking lot where we leave our vehicles in the winter.  This year it was a week before they came to clear the snow.

We all had to call or go see the transportation ministry before anything happened. With a couple of snowfalls all of us had to shovel our way out of the parking lot.

Lastly there is the issue of our ferry.

On average Nechako launches the ferry two weeks to a month in the spring after the river has enough water.

This year was the ultimate.  The ramps were to be sent to Vancouver to be sandblasted to remove the lead paint. The ferry was pulled early November. The ramps were not taken away until mid-January. They were in the yard at Nechako until mid-March.  They were not brought out here until late April.

All of this shows a callous disregard for we who live here and a failure of the ministry to adequately assess Nechako’s performance.

Nechako should be penalized financially for its performance and the ministry needs someone who knows how to pack a big stick.

We all live here by choice but current services have to be provided and maintained.  Nechako is steadily eroding those.

In the 38 years I have lived here the ministry could have built at least two bridges. Do the math. We are all beyond being frustrated.  We are very angry.

The contract of the Usk ferry system and roadway should be awarded to someone more reliable.

Robert Crosby,

Alex Mioayczyk,

Gerry Jackulack,

DM Stevenson,

Usk, BC




Terrace Standard