Road rules

Resident recounts a recent situation on the Okanagan Connector

For all drivers of a motor vehicle in B.C., especially those using the Coquihalla, here is a story you surely want to read.

Driving back to Vernon on the Connector just outside of Merritt at the posted speed of 110 kilometres an hour, I came upon an RCMP vehicle on the shoulder of the road with lights flashing and I assumed someone had been pulled over for speeding. I changed lanes and slowed down while passing. After going by, I looked in my rear-view mirror to see a vehicle on the other side of the road do a quick U-turn into my direction and the blue lights went on — a second police vehicle. As I was being pulled over, I noticed that further up the road, there was yet a third RCMP vehicle with someone pulled over onto the shoulder.

If you search the Internet for the B.C. Motor Vehicle Act, you will find out the law states that you must slow your vehicle down to 70 kilometres an hour when passing such an emergency vehicle. You can search the Internet all you want but you won’t find a law that states the RCMP can’t set-up what one might call a sting operation. About $173 poorer and three penalty points later, I have learned a lesson that the only way we citizens can prevent the police from getting their jollies is to be forewarned and act accordingly. Oh, and if you have any thoughts of fighting the ticket, know that you would have to do so in person or by agent in the court in Merritt at a day and time of their choosing. Gotcha.

George Resch



Vernon Morning Star