River restrictions

Resident questions the plan to restrict motorized boats on Shuswap River

The initiative to impose restrictions on boat motor size on the lower Shuswap River is misguided and ill-founded.

Erosion of the river bank from boats is negligible compared to spring run off. The size of the engine has little to do with the amount of wake. The size of the boat hull and the water it displaces does.

Salmon do not spawn in the lower section of Shuswap River because the bottom is largely sand. They travel through that section to reach the gravel beds where spawning occurs where boat traffic has little to no impact.

The initiative to impose these restrictions is spearheaded largely by a small group of vocal and organized people who reside along the river and want their privacy protected.

I hope the regional district decision-makers see through this well orchestrated charade and make a responsible decision based on fact and not be swayed by a vocal group of NIMBYs.

Brian Griffin



Vernon Morning Star

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