Riots about ‘undisputed control of families’

Arab riots are about people's basic human rights and who is in control

To the editor:

I am writing regarding the recent Arab riots.

The Arab riots are about a lot more than a video; it’s about people’s basic human rights, including the right to choose lifestyle, career, and who to live with.

It’s a fight by Muslim men to retain what they insist is their right to undisputed control over their families.

Through the centuries, they have been using religion and claims about preservation of honour, as a means to force their will on women and children.

The Islamist Muslims are concerned about the liberal lifestyles practised by Western societies, and they are afraid Muslim women and children will persist in adopting those lifestyles.

Burning the American flag will change nothing.

The real “culprit” is “mass media,” the evolution and proliferation of YouTube, Facebook, television, cell phones, and all those tablets.

People around the world are being “connected” like never before. There are no more secrets.

Sharia is nothing more than a religious moral code, and just because Muslims commit to serve their God does not obligate anybody else to do the same.

It is everybody’s basic human right to chose whether or not they want to believe in a God.

Fighting the Infidel is the wrong battle. Instead, they need to declare war on poverty, separate from their tyrannical culture of hate and suppression, and embrace a future that includes education and employment.

Andy Thomsen


100 Mile House Free Press