Right-wing columnist rewrites premier’s scorn

Tom Fletcher simply parrots Premier Christy Clark's insult to teenagers

Re: Pay down that student loan or else (B.C. Views, March 4)

Tom Fletcher with typical Neanderthal reasoning of “Right wing good, left bad” parrots Premier Clark’s recent insults to teenagers, “They tend to be lazy” or to those people who voted NDP, “If your kid is on the couch after 30 he’s a New Democrat.”

Clark, who doesn’t like the toxic atmosphere in the legislature, isn’t short on venom for her perceived opponents.

Fletcher repeats government denials that student loan debt is a problem and takes swipes at “misguided university profs who organize against job-creating projects,” and “people growing up refusing jobs.” Not only does our minimum wage put workers at $6,000 below the poverty line, incomes over the years have shrunk and the quality of jobs is at a 25-year low, with some people taking multiple part-time jobs without benefits.

People are responsible for their debts no matter what (unless their name is Basi or Virk), but there are reasons why young people are so broke.

Premier Clark’s scorn repeated by Fletcher in your publication insults teens who are not lazy and those who voted NDP who maybe had a different vision of what government is for.

Ted Roberts


Goldstream News Gazette

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