Rifles not accepted

Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:

From his letter to the editor dated February 2, it appears that Mike Bartlett is unhappy with Rob Brown’s comments in his weekly Skeena Angler column.

He doesn’t like Rob noting licence plate numbers of vehicles parked in the woods. But Mike, this is common practice amongst all of us who practice BC Wildlife’s Observe and Report program and is a very useful enforcement tool.

Mike is also critical of Rob’s disapproval of grizzly bear hunting. Unfortunately Mike, as our population becomes more urban, the anti-hunting movement is growing and more and more people are agreeing with Rob.

It is true, as Mike states, that grizzly hunting is strictly regulated and legal hunting opportunities very limited in the Lakelse Valley.

However hunters have to realize that the valley has many other users and that carrying a rifle or shooting wildlife while near fishermen, hikers, birders, boaters, etc. is dangerous, very disagreeable to some and will certainly meet with disapproval.

Doug Webb,

Terrace, B.C.

Terrace Standard

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