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Re: ‘Jobs for 2017 please’, John Harding’s editorial in the Jan. 3 edition of The NEWS

Re: ‘Jobs for 2017 please’, John Harding’s editorial in the Jan. 3 edition of The NEWS.

Thanks to Harding for reminding us about the need for solid job-creation in our area. While diversification would be helpful, distribution of the already existing jobs would also provide regular employment to so many young graduates that desperately need their very first regular income.

Distribution? We all know retired workers (ages 60-plus) are often already collecting a very comfortable pension, choosing to return to work. They will say that they do not really need the income, but it keeps them busy, or helps them compensate for their RRSP investments having under-performed the last 20 years.

Here’s a societal analogy about fair distribution: You are invited to a social gathering and told that the host baked a lovely cake. He says: “there is just as many pieces as the number of guests; just enjoy now or later as you wish.” Joe likes to eat. He quickly helps himself, then notices 20 minutes later, that there are still two pieces of this delicious cake on the table. Why not enjoy a little more? Debbie and Jacky preferred to visit for a little while, but find no cake left for them. What should we think of Joe? Would he be welcome in your group?

How does this relate to job distribution? How much new employment can be created by simply changing our taxation system? A taxation penalty needs to be imposed on wealthy pensioners, that are already collecting a comfortable pension, when they choose to take employment away from young adults desperately in need of a first and only income.

Please adopt a responsible choice: if you have had your successful, long career,  collect a good pension, drive a fancy car, live in a large, all-paid-for house, please get involved with volunteer work or new hobbies and let the educated poor access employment. We are all replaceable.

Bertrand Girard

Qualicum Beach

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