Response to Bernice Magee’s letter 

I would like to respond to a letter to the editor of May 3, 2017 sent in by Bernice Magee


I would like to respond to a letter to the editor of May 3, 2017 sent in by Bernice Magee.

Mrs. Magee stated, “I believe that plans are underway for more improvements on the Colleymount Road and they are to be completed this coming season.”

If you have information you would like to share with the community, we would really like to know what these plans are. There is a meeting at the end of May with the road user group and we may find out more at that time what is planned for this summer, but at this point in time no one has provided plans for this seasons’ work.

The Colleymount Road working group does not expect a class-one highway and we do not want an entirely new road up higher away from the lake. We understand the funding constrains and would like an opportunity to sit down with our MLA and discuss the solutions that we feel may make a difference to the safety on this road.

Mrs. Magee states that I have met with Mr. Rustad several times. I do not know how Mrs. Magee would know if we met or not, my records back to the fall of 2011 show no meetings with Mr. Rustad to discuss the Colleymount Road.

She also states he has organized meetings for myself to meet with the minister, his staff, and the local maintenance contractor, this is definitely not true. The regional district staff set up meetings with minister Stone as they always do when we attend the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention each year. There has not been a meeting set up by Mr. Rustad or his staff.

I feel the community deserve to have all the facts pertaining to this issue.


Eileen Benedict



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