Resolve to get involved

Want to live in a nicer neighbourhood? Get involved with the one you already live in.

Christmas and News Year’s work so well together. At Christmas you make a wish for what you would like to have. Often people ask for good things that are almost impossible for Santa to deliver on—like world peace or a wish that one might be on better terms with their spouse or a relative.

You must admit that the Christmas wish requires belief in magical thinking. It is wonderful to wish for these things. But when you get down to it, the old saying, “The good Lord helps them that helps themselves” is true.

That’s where the New Year’s resolution comes in so handy. You get the opportunity to resolve to work towards anything you want in your life.

This is where the magical might become reality.

It can happen when you set a course toward your wish, you resolve to think about it daily and work toward it every chance you get.

Best wishes to all for a very happy and prosperous new year. Not prosperous in the material world sense of the word. Not an abundance of money or bright, shiny things.

Rather a wish that you may find prosperity in terms of personal well-being and a sense of belonging in your community; in our community.

A good way to feel connected to your community is to be engaged; and there are many groups and societies that would welcome new members.

Make your Christmas wish for community come true—resolve to get involved.



Boundary Creek Times