Recreation vital for health and well-being

Reader questions district's elimination of program co-ordinator position.

The District of Sicamous’ mayor and council have decreed the program and events manager’s position will cease to exist on March 1.

The availability of public leisure services is essential. These services are a necessary part of a healthy community.

The primary goal of public leisure services is to make available well-being opportunities for every resident of the community. This means mental, emotional and physical well-being, by way of varied multiple programs.

Public leisure services provide pre-school leisure opportunities, basic and advanced leisure skill development for school-aged children, social opportunities for teens, plus basic and advanced leisure opportunities for adults and seniors.

A public leisure department also provides special event co-ordination, support for local organizations – so folks are better able to do things for themselves – and this department encourages and supports all sports and sporting events.

As well, a public leisure department offers additional opportunities for community exposure to all art forms.

A public leisure department also provides environmental and outdoor education, as well as multicultural awareness.

A public leisure department is a necessary part of a healthy community and it is essential for community vitality and growth.

Odd that the recently elected mayor and council, which collectively marketed themselves as Sicamous’ growth coaches, have chosen the elimination of an essential factor in community well-being and growth a mere few weeks into their term of office.

It appears as a nasty harbinger of the community’s future.

Teresa Andrews



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