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MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: Top 10 lists for Conservatives, NDP and Liberals

Now, wasn’t that a party, er, election? Now it obviously depends on what side of the fence you tend to look at things from, but I think all Canadians should feel proud about an over 70 per cent turnout of voters and a democratic process that allows the smooth transfer of power based on the will of the people on election day.

Three cheers for democracy. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t lessons to be learned from Election 2015, especially for the top three parties involved.

And even though you’re likely tired of every Tom, Dick and Harriett giving their ‘expert’ analysis on what just happened I’ll give you my top 10 lists of things to contemplate for each of the three parties post-election.

Top 10 things to think about for the Conservatives going forward:

10. Maybe we underestimated that ‘Justin’ guy a little too much.

9. Maybe, in hindsight, a very long campaign helped the underdog and hurt the incumbent.

8. Maybe a concentration on negative ads tends to be a bit much after awhile.

7. Maybe those ads with those actors poking  holes in ‘Justin’s’ resume, although effective, are ultimately phoney and just gave the Grits an unforeseen rallying cry that he is ready, or at least ready enough.

6. At least we don’t have to worry about the resumption of the Mike Duffy trial.

5. Maybe it was kind of, sort of, about Stephen Harper in the end and riding off into the sunset a couple years ago with a pretty decent legacy intact might have been an idea, in hindsight.

4. Maybe cutting off the premiers and the media for the most part and concentrating power in the PMO doesn’t give you that much insight into how Canadians feel about things come election time.

3. Maybe the Americans are on to something and two four-year mandates are enough for anyone cause they start to get tired of seeing you and your playmates representing us.

2. The left-right swing in this country comes back to bite you eventually.

1. Hey, we have time to regroup now, like four years worth of time.

Top 10 things to think about for the NDP going forward:

10. Maybe toning things down and looking prime ministerial before you’re actually prime minister isn’t such a good idea after all.

9. Maybe believing the polls and playing it safe in general doesn’t inspire anybody.

8. Maybe strategic voting has its downside when they go for the other guy.

7. Maybe math that counts on Quebec seats that were obviously votes for Jack Layton isn’t math at all.

6. Maybe an NDP campaign that promises a balanced budget and increased spending everywhere else doesn’t quite ring true.

5. Maybe a campaign that focuses too much on stopping Harper is a non-starter.

4. Maybe for some reason apparently people will tell pollsters they’re voting for the NDP but when it comes to actually doing it…..just ask Adrian Dix.

3. Maybe facial hair worked better last millennium.

2. Maybe saying you’ll scrap a trade deal you haven’t seen is a little too old school NDP.

1. See Conservative No. 1 above.

Top 10 things to think about for the Liberals going forward:

10. Whaddya talking about, we won, we obviously know what we’re doing?

9. We  have two words for you, majority government.

8. Or to put it another way, 184 seats.

7. We’re ready.

6. He’s ready.

5. Justin, that is.

4. Justin Trudeau, of course.

3. At least I think we are.

2. Which way to the bathroom?

1. Stay tuned.


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