Reader unhappy with Tories’ bills

Thomas want local MP Cathy McLeod defeated in fall election

To the editor:

The Conservative government’s Bill C-51 (Anti-Terrorism Bill), like the so-called Fair Elections Act of last year, is receiving widespread criticism.

For example, the National Post notes former Canadian Security Intelligence Service Officer Francois Lavigne describes the measures in the bill as unnecessary, a threat to the rights of Canadians, and that the Prime Minister is using fascist techniques to push the bill. (

How wonderful – not!

Our MP Cathy McLeod thinks C-51 is awesome, like she thought the Fair Elections Act” was awesome.

She also thinks the recent trade deals, which Canada has signed, are great.

These so-called “trade deals” allow foreign companies and investors to sue Canada over laws made by any level of our government they don’t like.

Please join me in voting this person out of office in October. We need an MP who will work for our interests, not against them.

Hugh Thomas

100 Mile House


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