Reader looks forward to details in series

It would be great to see some articles on where pressure is coming from for Victoria to treat its sewage

It is great to see some attention being paid to the sewage treatment dilemma.

Great layout and timeline to get some points across. I would caution against the use of “the majority, however, argue that it’s just the right thing to do,” as taxpayers have not been afforded the referendum that could back up this highly speculative “fact.”

Although a Canadian city, Halifax is an awfully long ways away to draw any pointed comparisons as well. Closed beaches, murky waters and general disgust along its harbour are testament to the fact that the Halifax dilemma was worlds apart from the Victoria circumstance.

It would be great to see some articles that point to the question of where pressure is coming from on this issue? The fact that “the government requires us to treat our sewage” is pretty glossy. Exactly whom is making this case and what is the evidence? What is “treatment” specifically? Readers will require a bit more than this hand waving that we must do as we are told and that $327 million bought Halifax a couple cleaner beaches nearly a decade ago.

Ryan Gisler





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